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About us

Welcome to the Japan Karate Association World Federation Australia (JKA/WF Aust) Brighton Dojo. The following information may assist with a brief introductory insight into our dojo (training hall) and it’s practices and procedures.

Style of Karate

Our particular style of martial art is Karate, and Shotokan is the style or brand of karate we learn and practice. This is traditional Japanese karate which was introduced to Japan in about 1922 by the originator of the style, Gichin Funakoshi, who came from the island of Okinawa which is off mainland Japan. Our Head of Style in Australia is Sensei Jason Naylor 7th dan.

Our group is affiliated directly with the Japan Karate Association which is based in Tokyo. High ranking Japanese Instructors attend Australia each year to present learning seminars and conduct gradings where necessary. The focus of our style is based on the traditional teachings of karate and apart from being an effective form of self defence techniques, training also focuses on the move towards developing the character of the participant, in other words, the focus is not on the ability to be able to injure someone, but to develop us as persons, gaining self confidence through our karate training.

The Team

Sensei John Cahill
Sensei John Cahill
Sensei John Cahill has trained with the JKA/WF (formerly Australian Shotokan Karate-Do Association) since 1995 and has been holding classes at St Kieran’s since 2001. He has completed a TAFE course in fitness practices and is the holder of a current Suitability Card issued by the Commission for Children and Young People concerning working with youth. He is First Aid qualified including CPR. He holds current JKA qualifications as Instructor, Judge/Referee and Grading Examiner. A retired Police officer he is married with a grown-up family. You will find him to be a very approachable person and if you have any concerns please feel free to talk to him before or after classes.
Assisting Instructors
Sensei Ian Murray
Sensei Ian
Sensei Paula Smith
Sensei Paula
Sempai Diane Brown
Sempai Diane
Sempai Jack Christensen
Sempai Jack
Sempai Akiko Nicholls
Sempai Akiko
Sempai Luke Filippini
Sempai Luke
Sempai Iain Smith
Sempai Lain
Sempai Mason Brown
Sempai Mason
Sempai Tony Sharma
Sempai Tony